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productrange1PRODUCT RANGE
Branson’s range of products is comprehensive and innovative and we pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive range of products that cover the full spectrum of our customer’s present and future requirements.

We have strong links with international technology and we are continually testing and evaluating new products and technologies in our quest to develop the most cost effective and effective solutions for our customers.

Our main focus and field of expertise is in cleaning hygiene sensitive environments in the Farm, Food, Dairy and Beverage Processing, Hospitality and Health Care industries.


We are active in many markets where food is grown or animals are reared but we are more strongly involved with Dairy Farm and Poultry Farms.

Dairy Farm - We produce and market a full range of milking machine detergents and sanitizers with the most comprehensive range of teat dips and pre-milking disinfectants. Our national service teams offer expert assistance to our farm customers to reduce somatic cell counts and improve milk quality.

Poultry Farms – We have a comprehensive range of specialized products for cleaning and disinfecting Growing Houses & Hatcheries. Our range of terminal disinfectants is highly effective against all bacteria, yeasts moulds and viruses that effect poultry. We have a full range of water treatment solutions. Bio Security on poultry farms is of major importance and we have an inclusive range of products and services.



Our range of hard working detergents, sanitizers, personal hygiene products and water care solutions cover every requirement of the Food, Beverage, Brewing and Dairy industries. These include CIP Cleaners, RO/UF Membrane Cleaners, Bottle Washing, Foam Cleaning, Specialized Sanitizers, Water Treatment Solutions, Conveyor Lubricants, Personal Hygiene products, Laundry products and much more.

Our dedicated range of dosing and control equipment ensures that concentrations are maintained at optimal levels at all times, with proven cost saving advantages.  Our integrated monitoring and recording systems supply a detailed audit trail to identify areas of concern and provide Proof of Clean.


The Food Service, Hospitality and Health Care industries are highly sensitive areas and food hygiene and personal care is of paramount importance.

productpic7Our products and services include:

  • Dish Machine Rentals and Service
  • Machine Ware Washing programmes
  • Complete Kitchen hygiene programmes
  • Terminal Sanitizers for Critical Care areas
  • Personnel Hygiene Products and Programmes
  • Complete Laundry Products and Programmes

We pride ourselves to have pioneered the local manufacture of solid 100 % active ware washing and laundry Capsule’s in South Africa. These innovative programmes provide our customers with truly outstanding results and phenomenal cost saving.

Another 1st is the introduction of Branson’s “Portion Packs” which are 50 ml sealed tubes of various detergents and sanitizers that are packed in boxes containing 50 to 100 tubes of each product. These Portion Packs provide total control of cleaning and disinfecting costs.