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industrypic4Branson strives to assist our customers in implementing good hygiene practices within the Kitchen, Housekeeping and Laundry departments and to ensure that best practice hygiene standards are achieved.
Our focus is on training your staff, adding value to your brand and to provide you with professional services and sound advice.
The Markets that we serve include:
Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Resorts, Lodges, Retirement Homes, Conference Centres, Supermarkets, Catering Companies, Cleaning Companies, Schools
Our range of products include:

  • Machine Ware Washing Detergents and Rinse aids
  • Dish Machine Rental Programmes
  • Complete Kitchen Hygiene Programmes
  • Drain Cleaning Programmes
  • Pot & Pan Cleaning products
  • Oven Cleaners
  • Toilet and Washroom cleaners
  • Germicidal hand care products
  • Guestroom cleaning and deodorizing programmes

Branson have achieved spectacular results and cost savings with our innovative Solid Capsule programmes for machine dishwashing and OPL laundry programmes. These 100% active products save money and save on storage space. They are safe, easy to handle and outlast conventional ware washing detergents whilst producing superb results.

Our Portion Pack range of detergents and sanitizers make it easy to take control of product over-use and to control costs. Each Portion Pack is packed in boxes that contain between 50 to 100 x 50 ml tubes of sanitizer or detergent product.

Our sales and service teams will conduct regular audits of your premises.  Service Reports will be completed that indicate problem areas and recommended solutions to the problems.

On-the-job training will be conducted to ensure that your staff understand the corrective procedures.
Where applicable Branson will install the appropriate dosing and control equipment to dispense our products and to control usages.