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producpic3Understandably, no other industry is quite so hygiene sensitive as the healthcare industry. Reducing the spread of infection, ensuring patient comfort and controlling costs whilst maintaining unparalleled levels of sanitation, requires a hygiene partner of real integrity.

Our hygiene products and services deliver optimum results in high traffic, high spec environments including:

  • Patient wards and restrooms
  • High Risk Areas
  • Sluice Stations
  • Instrument Washing and Disinfecting
  • Machine washing of equipment and utensils
  • Kitchen Hygiene and Ware Washing
  • Laundries
  • Health and hand care
  • Toilets

Our innovative machine washing and disinfecting products for the mechanical washing of instruments and equipment provide excellent results at optimal cost.
Our unique solid Capsule machine ware washing systems provide substantial savings and superb results with greatly improved safety and storage features.