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We have the most comprehensive range of innovative and cost effective hygiene solutions for the Dairy Farm and Poultry Farm industries.

Dairy Farm
producpic1We understand that quality milk and milk products begin with the production of quality raw milk at Farm level.
Our national team of Hygiene specialists provide on the farm service and professional expertise to the Dairy farmers throughout Southern Africa to ensure that “A” Grade milk is produced at optimal cost.

Our comprehensive range of world class teat dips and cow care products assist in improving udder health and reducing mastitis infections.

Our quality range of detergents, sanitizers and cow care products include:

  • Pipeline Cleaners & Sanitizers
  • Bulk Tank Detergents
  • Germicidal Teat Dips, Udder Washes and Wipes
  • Germicidal Hand Care Products
  • Water Treatment Systems

Poultry Farm
industrypic1Our specialized range of hygiene programmes are formulated specifically for Poultry Growing Houses and Hatcheries



These include:

  • Growing House Cleaners & Sanitizers
  • Terminal Sanitizers & Disinfectants
  • Hatchery Cleaning & Sanitizing Programme
  • Water Treatment Programmes
  • Bio Security Programmes
  • Boot Dips