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Our hugely experienced engineering team specialise in the design of ever more effective ways to improve hygiene, to maximise operational performance and to reduce running costs.

We will audit your operations and recommend the most effective hygiene products together with the most effective equipment and support systems to transform your hygiene management programmes.

We will make recommendations in everything from chemical dosing and control systems, CIP systems and Data Logging to Open Plant Cleaning.
We task ourselves with the objective of saving time, reducing costs and saving water and energy

Our engineering services include :

  • CIP Systems
  • Bulk Tanks and Ring Mains
  • Conductivity Control equipment
  • Data Logging Systems
  • Foam Cleaning Systems
  • Central Cleaning Systems for Open Plant
  • Pumping Solutions
  • Chemical Dosing Systems
  • Technical Support


Our GENUS hygiene planning and management software package provides comprehensive hygiene planning, management and training across the entire Food Processing Site and encompasses both manual and automated cleaning tasks, audits and reviews

The GENUS system includes detailed information on numerous parameters that impact upon the sites total hygiene and quality objectives